Our goal is to regain Peach of Mind and Control, enabling the consumer to rehabilitate their current financial position limiting themselves and family to the stresses imposed onto them by their debt.

Many consumers fall in the same Debt Trap, common symptoms being;

  • Sleepless nights regarding payments to creditors

  • Constant phone calls from creditors

  • Monthly expenses exceeding your monthly income

  • Demand letter and summons served on consumers

  • Low esteem

  • Decrease in productivity at work

  • Loss if control over the situation


Protection against your creditors by applying for Debt review at a registered debt counsellor with the National Credit Act and National Credit Regulator been a solid platform to rehabilitation of your Credit worthiness, restoring ‘Peach of Mind’

Pay one monthly amount towards all your debt – as per your review allows enabling you to also meet your monthly living expenses ie food, travelling, school activities etc.

Lawful remedies available to consumers are:

National Credit Act of 2005: Debt Reviews

Sec 86:

  • protects the consumer from becoming over indebted by means of enforcing the Creditor to adhere to the National Credit Act.
  • assists consumers in disputes with creditors, with regards to unlawful credit agreements and reckless lending
  • provides remedies to over indebted consumers ie. Debt Counselors

Magistrates Court Act 32 of 1944: Administration Applications

Sec 74(1):

  • protects the consumer from the creditors by issuing a court order in favour of the consumer enforcing the creditor to adhere to the available one amount payment that the consumer can afford towards his debt, see our services guide for more information.